E-commerce Sharing Event

The Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in cooperation with Heineken, organises an E-commerce Sharing Event in Shanghai. Please note that we restricted this meeting to international consumer goods companies who (want to) sell their products via e-commerce in China.

This seminar will provide the opportunity to discuss e-commerce in China, learn from e- commerce experiences from other companies and reflect on your own e-commerce strategy. There will be ample time for networking, in combination with a Heineken beer.

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2016 Popular Science Event of New Energy Vehicle for International University Students

Taking the opportunity of welcoming the electric motorcycle team of Eindhoven University of Technology – named STORM – through their world tour, SIAC (Shanghai International Automobile City) is now preparing the “2016 Popular Science Event of New Energy Vehicle for International University Students”.

Different electric vehicle teams from Chinese universities will take part in it and show their stories. Representatives from government, SIAC, Tongji University, companies and media will gather together and celebrate the moment.

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Sino-Dutch Forum on Antibiotic Use and Resistance Containment

NB This event description is to be completed – as of 22 August 2016

Reason for action: antimicrobial resistance undermines health, food safety and security, ecology and economy

Antibiotics block the propagation of bacteria, in a cheap and efficient manner. They have dramatically improved infectious disease survival rates and livestock productivity. The relative ease and low cost of administering antibiotics has lead to broad usage patterns. While essential for disease treatment, antibiotics are also administered for disease prevention and … Read more

Mining industry in China

China is world’s largest producer for coal, gold and most rare earth minerals. Besides the production, China is world’s leading consumer of most mining products. This report highlights key players in China, the role of the government, relevant developments and opportunities for Dutch organizations. Furthermore, this report provides a list of events related to the mining industry in China.

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STORM: the EV motorcycle

The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution is a silent one, in many respects. New energy vehicles, powered by electricity, roam the streets without sound. But more so, the majority of them are designed in small and dedicated garages, distant from the globally operating traditional car-OEMs, without humongous global marketing budgets, lacking an established ecosystem where consumer, producer and supply chain lock them.

The revolution is surely silent in the Netherlands. Year after year, student teams at various Dutch universities are creating … Read more

Benchmarking of drinking water supply and waste water treatment services

In line with the current policy of the Chinese government on secondary water supply utilities, this seminar will introduce European approaches for drinking water safety, security and reliability of wastewater treatment services.

Distinguished Chinese and Dutch speakers will share their experiences and insights, showcasing practical applications and best practices. This will include innovative concepts developed by the European water sector, aiming at assessing performance and implementing improvements.

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Smart Mobility Public Diplomacy event

What is the Internet of Vehicles? How can data be used to make the traffic flow more smooth? Platooning of trucks, what does that mean? When can I expect my car to be driving by itself?

Welcome to the exiting new world of smart mobility!

The Dutch Embassy and the EU delegation in Beijing jointly organise an event to share the ideas behind smart mobility and highlight innovative initiatives and experiences in this field.
Inform and engage the Chinese

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Diversification in the Chinese innovation landscape and supercomputers as enablers


Chinese scientific excellence is developing quickly. Simultaneously, there is a rapid increase in supercomputing capacity. Combined, these may be indicative for the expanding diversification in the innovation landscape in China.

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China is traditionally seen as a country with one dominant, central, top-down administration. As a capital, Beijing has been at China’s heart of governance, finance, science, education, industry and services for many centuries. In recent years, however, China has invested heavily in telecommunication, infrastructure and logistics, leading … Read more

Smart Mobility Workshop

The Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment of the Netherlands aim to strengthen the cooperation in the field of Transportation. In particular the collaboration on issues related to:

Traffic management, including issues like data, data fusion, PPA/integrated network management, cooperative systems and automated driving

For this purpose, a Sino-Dutch workshop is organised in Beijing on April 21-22 2016. The workshop is organised by the Research Institute of Highway (RIOH) –

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Seminar: water security improvement and the role of benchmarking

The Holland Innovation Network at the Consulate-General in Shanghai  would like to invite you for the seminar:

Benchmarking of drinking water supply and waste water treatment services

 The seminar will take place at the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai on Monday April 28, 2016 from 09:00.


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