Dutch professor appointed honorary president of He University in Shenyang

Bart ter Haar Romeny, professor of Biomedical Image Analysis at the Eindhoven University of Technology has been appointed as honorary president of the He University in Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning province. President Wei He presented him the honorary title during the opening of the academic year on 17 September.


The He University is a small private university specialized in medical education and named after its founder Wei He. Mr. He is also the founder of He Shi Eye Care System which is the largest eye care provider in Northeastern China with 11 eye care hospitals.

Prof. ter Haar Romeny plays an instrumental role in intensifying the research activities with the Northeastern University since his appointment in 2006 as Vice Dean Research of the Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School (BMIE) in Shenyang. The Sino-Dutch school was jointly established in 2005 by the Northeastern University (NEU) and the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) with active support from Royal Philips Electronics and Neusoft Group.

Together with prof. Yan Kang, Dean of BMIE, he organized three summer schools on Biomedical Image Analysis in Shenyang and they are currently preparing the establishment of the Sino-Euro Vision and Brain Institute which plans to host three research labs focusing on interconnected research related to the prevention of blindness.

The research conducted in the three research labs are:

RetinaCheck project:

Development of software for a large screening programme to identify diabetic retinopathy, including ICT infrastructure, database buildup, statistical data analysis and learning, and a powerful software suite for computer-aided diagnosis of retinal fundus images. Website: http://www.retinacheck.org

MRI of Vision Lab:

Aims to visualize and analyze the visual pathways from Diffusion MRI data, for the study of cerebral blindness (pathway integrity, plasticity, cortical networks), and blindness-preventing resection surgery for epilepsy patients.

Optical Imaging Lab:

Optical imaging has a much higher resolution than MRI, CT or ultrasound. Modern optical imaging exploits scanning laser technology. The lab will further develop techniques for retinal vascular and neuronal analysis, such 3D OCT, (auto-) fluorescence microscopy, multi-spectral acquisition and adaptive optics.

Next year, the BMIE Summer School, which will grow to over 650 students, will share a new building with the Department of Life Sciences on the new satellite campus of Northeastern University in Shenyang.