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Nobel Prize for Medicine links to Traditional Chinese Medicine

It would be fair to say that the Nobel Prize in China is a very ambiguous phenomenon. Since the 1950s, 6 Chinese nationals have been awarded The Prize. Given China’s turbulent past and its aftermath, it is not surprising that most of these prizes are domestically blurred by controversy. There are many factors that trigger political sensitivity (historical and distant links to the nationalist Kuomintang would already suffice) and due to anonymous research during the early days of the People’s … Read more

(Dutch) Start Ups in China and 60 Billion RMB State Support Fund

Startups are booming and they will be for the coming years. Recently the state council has decided to increase the intensity of the focus on startups in the years to come. The National SME Development fund is called to life to help the small startups with their first steps. With 15 billion RMB from the government and 45 billion RMB from other partners, there is plenty to share1,2.

Already in 2014 approximately 3.7 million new companies were registered … Read more

Medtech overview in China

This article gives a broad overview of the medical sector developments in China. Highlights areprojected against challenges, and opportunities for Dutch involvement are highlighted.

The medical sector is vastly expanding in China. China has become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world; and with its size of 17 Billion USD, the medical technology market in China currently ranks fourth. The nearly 1.4 billion people are facing challenges with respect to ageing and chronic disease, and opportunities when … Read more

Competition in the medtech sector in Suzhou, China

Suzhou is home to two large industrial parks. These two parks compete for business, and the competition leads measures that enhance the attractiveness for Suzhou as a whole. For knowledge-intensive organisations, Suzhou is quickly implementing measures to boost the city’s innovative capacity. This article is based on a presentation by dr. Jiang Feng, vice chairman of the China association of the medical device industry during a medtech-partnering event in Suzhou in September.

Suzhou is a historical provincial town, … Read more

Automotive Industry in China

  • Technological developments

Following three decades of rapid growth, China is the world’s largest automotive market and automotive manufacturing country since 2009. In 2014, the total output was 20 million and sales of vehicle units exceeded 23 million. This is larger than the North American and European markets combined. With respect to technological developments, China takes international trends into considerations, for example

  • New/clean energy vehicles: (fuel cell, electric, hydrogen, solar etc); assigned as a key point of development in the
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Alibaba Group invests in joint quantum computing laboratory

China is building the longest quantum-communication network, which includes a 2,000 kilometre link between Beijing and Shanghai. This US$80-million Chinese initiative will not only provide the highest level of protection for government and financial data, but will also provide a test bed for quantum theories and new technologies. Various institutes in China work on quantum physics, and recently a new initiative has been announced. Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba Group, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-found the … Read more

Deepening focus on New energy Vehicles

Developing electric mobility in China is strongly pushed by the central government. The incentive and potential is high, though maturity of various market segments is still lacking. NOST China discussed opportunities with professor C.C. Chan from the University of Hong Kong, who strongly suggested an active participation of relevant Dutch organizations in China.

On August 28, the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology organized a meeting with technology stakeholders in the electric vehicle (EV) sector in China. The … Read more

Safety, connectivity and new materials in the automotive industry


The automotive industry is economically important but a growing public health concern. A seminar brought together a diverse group of contributors to development and production of new energy cars, which are cleaner and more safe. It aimed to improve connections in the industry, which may lead to a quicker implementation of new technologies.


The automotive sector is a dominant pillar of the global economy. For instance, in the EU, the industry accounts for 4 % of the GDP. … Read more

Biomass ambitions of Jingjiang City


On July 7, 2015, the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology (NOST), together with ECN (the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands) visited the city of Jingjiang. Jingjiang is located a 2,5 hours drive from Shanghai and is besides the largest private shipbuilding base interested in various applications in the field of renewable energy.


Jingjiang is a city of 665km2, with a large private shipbuilding base and a deep-water port. It is located in the Yangtze delta and … Read more