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Opportunities for Dutch semiconductor equipment companies in China

The semiconductor industry is extremely important for both China and the Netherlands. China accounts for 56% of the global semiconductor sales market which totals 330 billion US$. In addition, in 2015 China was the only region in the world that showed growth year over year in semiconductor sales, namely +7.7% (see figure below).

2015 Semiconductor sales and YoY growth by region (source: SIA)

2015 Semiconductor sales and YoY growth by region (source: SIA)

There is another very strong indicator of the importance of the Chinese semiconductor industry; in September 2014, … Read more

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: focus on innovation

It’s nothing new, but it’s on (official) paper. China’s focus for the upcoming five year is on “innovation”. The second chapter (just after the guiding principles, main objectives and development concepts) in the 13th Five-Year Plan is how to implement the strategy of an innovation-driven development in China. Science and technology’s contribution to economic growth in 2020 is pinpointed at 60%.

Every five year the Chinese government announces a “Five-Year Plan”. This plan describes goals and targets for upcoming years,

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