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STORM: the EV motorcycle

The Electric Vehicle (EV) revolution is a silent one, in many respects. New energy vehicles, powered by electricity, roam the streets without sound. But more so, the majority of them are designed in small and dedicated garages, distant from the globally operating traditional car-OEMs, without humongous global marketing budgets, lacking an established ecosystem where consumer, producer and supply chain lock them.

The revolution is surely silent in the Netherlands. Year after year, student teams at various Dutch universities are creating … Read more

Diversification in the Chinese innovation landscape and supercomputers as enablers


Chinese scientific excellence is developing quickly. Simultaneously, there is a rapid increase in supercomputing capacity. Combined, these may be indicative for the expanding diversification in the innovation landscape in China.

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China is traditionally seen as a country with one dominant, central, top-down administration. As a capital, Beijing has been at China’s heart of governance, finance, science, education, industry and services for many centuries. In recent years, however, China has invested heavily in telecommunication, infrastructure and logistics, leading … Read more

Seminar: water security improvement and the role of benchmarking

The Holland Innovation Network at the Consulate-General in Shanghai  would like to invite you for the seminar:

Benchmarking of drinking water supply and waste water treatment services

 The seminar will take place at the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai on Monday April 28, 2016 from 09:00.


For more information, please check the Events page.


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Battery industry in China

In 2015, the worldwide battery industry accounted for €73 billion. According to the Freedonia Group, this is expected to grow to €105 billion in 2019, with an annual rise of 7.7%. China is the largest market for batteries, as well as the fastest growing. This publication focuses on market players in China, innovation, battery recycling and government interventions related to the battery industry in China.

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The global battery industry was €73 billion in 2015, and is expected … Read more

Stella Lux in Shanghai, 2015

Stella Lux China Innovation Tour
Nov 24 – Nov 30 2015

“Drive the same road, now powered by the Sun”

Nederland, Eindhoven, 1 juli 2015. Studenten van Solar Team Eindhoven werken aan Stella Lux, de 2e familie zonnewagen van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. // Students of Solar Team Eindhoven are working on Stella Lux, the 2nd solar family car of Eindhoven University of Technology. photo: TU Eindhoven, Bart van Overbeeke

Stella Lux is the second generation of Solar-powered family cars by the Solar Team Eindhoven. In 2015 it won the World Solar Challenge in Australia, based on its speed, passenger capacity and convenience over a distance of 3000 kilometers … just as its predecessor, Stella, did in 2013.

Stella Lux, de energiepositieve zonne-auto van Solar Team Eindhoven - studenten Automotive team van de TU Eindhoven

With electric driving, the Solar Team Eindhoven takes off of where … Read more

Nobel Prize for Medicine links to Traditional Chinese Medicine

It would be fair to say that the Nobel Prize in China is a very ambiguous phenomenon. Since the 1950s, 6 Chinese nationals have been awarded The Prize. Given China’s turbulent past and its aftermath, it is not surprising that most of these prizes are domestically blurred by controversy. There are many factors that trigger political sensitivity (historical and distant links to the nationalist Kuomintang would already suffice) and due to anonymous research during the early days of the People’s … Read more