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Diversification in the Chinese innovation landscape and supercomputers as enablers


Chinese scientific excellence is developing quickly. Simultaneously, there is a rapid increase in supercomputing capacity. Combined, these may be indicative for the expanding diversification in the innovation landscape in China.

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China is traditionally seen as a country with one dominant, central, top-down administration. As a capital, Beijing has been at China’s heart of governance, finance, science, education, industry and services for many centuries. In recent years, however, China has invested heavily in telecommunication, infrastructure and logistics, leading … Read more

Research Intelligence points at Asia Pacific


The Elsevier group, Times Higher Education and Fudan University hosted an international conference on research intelligence in Shanghai. University rankings were vigorously discussed.


On June 11 2015, the Times Higher Education (THE) launched this years’ Asia University Ranking. On the same day, the Elsevier group, THE and Fudan University hosted an international conference on research intelligence. This event was attended by approximately 200 researchers, university management seniors and academic librarians from regions throughout Asia Pacific.

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