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Mining industry in China

China is world’s largest producer for coal, gold and most rare earth minerals. Besides the production, China is world’s leading consumer of most mining products. This report highlights key players in China, the role of the government, relevant developments and opportunities for Dutch organizations. Furthermore, this report provides a list of events related to the mining industry in China.

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In total there are more than 10,000 (mostly coal) mines in China, producing a large amount of the … Read more

Seminar: water security improvement and the role of benchmarking

The Holland Innovation Network at the Consulate-General in Shanghai  would like to invite you for the seminar:

Benchmarking of drinking water supply and waste water treatment services

 The seminar will take place at the Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai on Monday April 28, 2016 from 09:00.


For more information, please check the Events page.


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Opportunities for Dutch semiconductor equipment companies in China

The semiconductor industry is extremely important for both China and the Netherlands. China accounts for 56% of the global semiconductor sales market which totals 330 billion US$. In addition, in 2015 China was the only region in the world that showed growth year over year in semiconductor sales, namely +7.7% (see figure below).

2015 Semiconductor sales and YoY growth by region (source: SIA)

2015 Semiconductor sales and YoY growth by region (source: SIA)

There is another very strong indicator of the importance of the Chinese semiconductor industry; in September 2014, … Read more

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: focus on innovation

It’s nothing new, but it’s on (official) paper. China’s focus for the upcoming five year is on “innovation”. The second chapter (just after the guiding principles, main objectives and development concepts) in the 13th Five-Year Plan is how to implement the strategy of an innovation-driven development in China. Science and technology’s contribution to economic growth in 2020 is pinpointed at 60%.

Every five year the Chinese government announces a “Five-Year Plan”. This plan describes goals and targets for upcoming years,

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Shanghai government stimulates investing in start-ups

Since February, the Shanghai government compensates investment firms for losses incurred while investing in early stage and seed funded tech startups. Goal is to encourage local entrepreneurship, especially those that bring “global impact” and “innovation” to the tech industry in China.

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The Shanghai Science and Technology Committee (STCSM), together with the city’s finance bureau and its development and reform commission announced to compensate as much as 60% of any actual losses suffered from seed investments in technology … Read more

Outcome Innovation Seminar oct. 2015

Innovation Incubait Shanghai Anonymous

In the end of October a delegation from the Netherlands visited Shanghai. We believe that the aim of this mission was to open the eyes for new opportunities, open the eyes for innovation. An aim our office highly encourages. On the last day of the missions visit we organized an innovation seminar which highlighted the potential of free of context open innovation. We entailed all participants to connect in an intensive innovation process outside their existing organization.

The participants consisted … Read more

(Dutch) Start Ups in China and 60 Billion RMB State Support Fund

Startups are booming and they will be for the coming years. Recently the state council has decided to increase the intensity of the focus on startups in the years to come. The National SME Development fund is called to life to help the small startups with their first steps. With 15 billion RMB from the government and 45 billion RMB from other partners, there is plenty to share1,2.

Already in 2014 approximately 3.7 million new companies were registered … Read more

Automotive Industry in China

  • Technological developments

Following three decades of rapid growth, China is the world’s largest automotive market and automotive manufacturing country since 2009. In 2014, the total output was 20 million and sales of vehicle units exceeded 23 million. This is larger than the North American and European markets combined. With respect to technological developments, China takes international trends into considerations, for example

  • New/clean energy vehicles: (fuel cell, electric, hydrogen, solar etc); assigned as a key point of development in the
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Biomass ambitions of Jingjiang City


On July 7, 2015, the Netherlands Office for Science and Technology (NOST), together with ECN (the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands) visited the city of Jingjiang. Jingjiang is located a 2,5 hours drive from Shanghai and is besides the largest private shipbuilding base interested in various applications in the field of renewable energy.


Jingjiang is a city of 665km2, with a large private shipbuilding base and a deep-water port. It is located in the Yangtze delta and … Read more