Visit Prince Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau, Start-up Fest

StartupFest Europe is an international festival for startups during the Dutch Presidency of the European Union in the first hal for 2016. During this festival, thematic events will take place across the Netherlands.

From January 13 to January 16, 2016, Mr. Constantijn van Oranje-Nassau will travel to China to establish contacts for StartupFest Europe. A number of meetings are set up with governments, startup companies, venture capitalists and other parties in the business that are exploring options to invest or … Read more

Technical Workshop Aerospace

Technical Forum on Materials, Architecture and Certification covering in the framework of 2025 ambitions:

  1. New Materials(Thermoplastics) and their applications
  2. New Production Methods
  3. Composites and Maintenance
  4. Aircraft concept design and certification planning for new technology applications
  5. Aerodynamics tests and experiments
  6. Right sizing of airframes and systems – design for performance
  7. Combining new materials and novel airframe lay outs into light weight, durable & cost effective structures designs
  8. Novel systems installations and Design for Assembly and Maintenance
  9. Industrialization of new airframe technologies
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Shell Leadership Visit at Shanghai Advanced Research Institute (SARI)

Time时间 Activities 活动
9.00-12.00 壳牌创新奖评选

Shell Innovation Awards Review

12.00-13.30 Lunch午餐
13.30-13.50 Address from the Parties


13.50-14.20 Shell Innovation Awards Ceremony


14:20-14:40 CAS International Visiting Professorship Appointment Ceremony


14.40-16.00 Keynote Lecture by Gerald Schotman


16.00-17.00 Campus Tour and Projects Discussion


18.00-20.30 Dinner Hosted by Dutch Consul General in Shanghai


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Outcome Innovation Seminar oct. 2015

Innovation Incubait Shanghai Anonymous

In the end of October a delegation from the Netherlands visited Shanghai. We believe that the aim of this mission was to open the eyes for new opportunities, open the eyes for innovation. An aim our office highly encourages. On the last day of the missions visit we organized an innovation seminar which highlighted the potential of free of context open innovation. We entailed all participants to connect in an intensive innovation process outside their existing organization.

The participants consisted … Read more

Stella Lux in Shanghai, 2015

Stella Lux China Innovation Tour
Nov 24 – Nov 30 2015

“Drive the same road, now powered by the Sun”

Nederland, Eindhoven, 1 juli 2015. Studenten van Solar Team Eindhoven werken aan Stella Lux, de 2e familie zonnewagen van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. // Students of Solar Team Eindhoven are working on Stella Lux, the 2nd solar family car of Eindhoven University of Technology. photo: TU Eindhoven, Bart van Overbeeke

Stella Lux is the second generation of Solar-powered family cars by the Solar Team Eindhoven. In 2015 it won the World Solar Challenge in Australia, based on its speed, passenger capacity and convenience over a distance of 3000 kilometers … just as its predecessor, Stella, did in 2013.

Stella Lux, de energiepositieve zonne-auto van Solar Team Eindhoven - studenten Automotive team van de TU Eindhoven

With electric driving, the Solar Team Eindhoven takes off of where … Read more

The Spirit of Innovation & Knowledge Integration

This seminar highlights the potential of free of context open innovation. We entail all participants to connect in an intensive innovation process outside their existing organization. Participants are invited to join in an innovation team to brainstorm and learn about strategies for innovation and new opportunities.

Our aim is to inspire. To let participants over-think, to create something new, and formulate ideas on how to innovate for their own business.

Please RSVP on this site to register you and your

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Nobel Prize for Medicine links to Traditional Chinese Medicine

It would be fair to say that the Nobel Prize in China is a very ambiguous phenomenon. Since the 1950s, 6 Chinese nationals have been awarded The Prize. Given China’s turbulent past and its aftermath, it is not surprising that most of these prizes are domestically blurred by controversy. There are many factors that trigger political sensitivity (historical and distant links to the nationalist Kuomintang would already suffice) and due to anonymous research during the early days of the People’s … Read more

(Dutch) Start Ups in China and 60 Billion RMB State Support Fund

Startups are booming and they will be for the coming years. Recently the state council has decided to increase the intensity of the focus on startups in the years to come. The National SME Development fund is called to life to help the small startups with their first steps. With 15 billion RMB from the government and 45 billion RMB from other partners, there is plenty to share1,2.

Already in 2014 approximately 3.7 million new companies were registered … Read more

Medtech overview in China

This article gives a broad overview of the medical sector developments in China. Highlights areprojected against challenges, and opportunities for Dutch involvement are highlighted.

The medical sector is vastly expanding in China. China has become the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world; and with its size of 17 Billion USD, the medical technology market in China currently ranks fourth. The nearly 1.4 billion people are facing challenges with respect to ageing and chronic disease, and opportunities when … Read more