Stella Lux in Shanghai, 2015

Stella Lux China Innovation Tour
Nov 24 РNov 30 2015

“Drive the same road, now powered by the Sun”

Nederland, Eindhoven, 1 juli 2015. Studenten van Solar Team Eindhoven werken aan Stella Lux, de 2e familie zonnewagen van de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. // Students of Solar Team Eindhoven are working on Stella Lux, the 2nd solar family car of Eindhoven University of Technology. photo: TU Eindhoven, Bart van Overbeeke

Stella Lux is the second generation of Solar-powered family cars by the Solar Team Eindhoven. In 2015 it won the World Solar Challenge in Australia, based on its speed, passenger capacity and convenience over a distance of 3000 kilometers … just as its predecessor, Stella, did in 2013.

Stella Lux, de energiepositieve zonne-auto van Solar Team Eindhoven - studenten Automotive team van de TU Eindhoven

With electric driving, the Solar Team Eindhoven takes off of where others not even aim to end. The current version of Stella Lux is almost ready for implementation, and inspires the next generation of engineers to reach higher and further. The Netherlands Network of Innovation, Technology and Science is proud to be part of the team that introduces Stella Lux to Shanghai. Fasten your seat belt and get connected to the next big step in transportation!

2015-11-24 Stella Lux driving on day 1 in China!
Stella Lux arrived in Shanghai – though without its own battery pack! The Solar Team Eindhoven has been able to put together a new battery with help of their Tongji University hosts. This allowed Stella Lux to drive around Mr. Wu Bin, Deputy District Director of Zhabei (Shanghai) and Mrs. Anneke Adema, Consul General of the Dutch Consulate-General in Shanghai, during the Stella Lux China Innovation Tour Kick-off with NXP. The car and the Solar Team were warmly welcomed by officials and partners on an event-full day with presentations focussed on safe, sustainable and connected road transportation.

Stella Lux in Shanghai! See link below for the pictures of the kick-off event.

2015-11-25 Stella Lux at Tongji University
The Solar Team EIndhoven, its sponsors, collaborators and peers at Tongji University gathered today for a series of in-depth technology presentations, combined with insights in the expected developments from the industry. The Solar team, Tongji University, Ericsson, IBM and NXP shared their views on the future of personal transportation and the role of communication and artificial intelligence in smart and safe mobility. Participants were welcomed to experience the driving behavior of Stella Lux, during a joint Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2X) demo of the STE and Tongji University. The partners of the STE enjoyed an introduction to the data center of EVzone, where data of all most electric vehicles and hybrids is collected and analyzed, in order to stimulate the development of the Chinese EV sector.

Tongji University: cold weather, warm welcome. Other pix accessible through link below.

EV “saloon” at SOHO Q3
The Shanghai International Exhibition Center hosted the Stella Lux today at SOHO Q3. Within minutes walking distance from the Bund, this venue offered great views, an informal and open discussion space, as well as a nice short track for Stella Lux to drive. Professor C.C. Chan, a renowned academician from Hong Kong, was invited by the Netherlands Network for Innovation, Technology and Science to give a keynote presentation. His views on the EV sector development strongly related to the impact of innovation, as a result of an open mind combined with a pragmatic approach. Interestingly, the EV sector needs many great minds to gain impact in current societies. It became clear that the students of the Solar Team Eindhoven clearly envision an even more sophisticated, though greatly neglected, prospective on the future of personal transportation by adding the Solar spirit to it.

Sunshine in Shanghai! More pictures in link below

Stella Lux main exhibition at Popular Science Product Expo in Shanghai
Today Stella Lux is presented to the massive technology focused audience  in Shanghai. The Popular Science Product Exhibition (PSPE) brings together software and hardware engineering in the fields of health, toys/games, smart solutions and -naturally- transportation. Stella Lux is on the most prominent stage, and was the first booth to be visited by the vice chairman of the S&T association in Shanghai, Mr. Yang Jianrong, with the Consul General of the Netherlands Consulate-General in Shanghai, Mrs. Anneke Adema, and teh S&T counselor Mr. Taake Manning. 70 000 tickets have been pre-sold for this event, which will last for 4 days until Monday November 30 (see program link below for details).

A beautiful sunny but icy start of the day

Crowded around the World’s first. More pictures in the link below

Program and further info
Please inquire if you are interested.

Whole program
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Media kit from Solar Team Eindhoven

STE media kit and Chinese prospectus

Photos events Stella Lux China Innovation Tour

24/11 Kick-off event
25/11 Tongji event
26/11 SIEC event
27/11 PSPE first day

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